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The Disney Crush Podcast

Hello and welcome to The Disney Crush Podcast we are excited to share the joy and excitement of Walt Disney World with you every week on the podcast. 


Mar 22, 2023

Episode #281

Andy Hoffman returns to the show this week with a great idea that he thinks "Walt Disney World" could incorporate and make money on. While in the parks, Andy for years has looked at some of the Structures, Buildings and Rides and thought, Disney could turn that into a room to rent. We have fun going back...

Mar 15, 2023

Episode #280

This week we take you along on a recent family cookout and we share a conversation Toni-Ann had with Uncle Marcello. We have some News, The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Facebook, and is Rich getting closer to coming with us to the TDC meet up?  Find out on the show this week.

Mar 8, 2023

Episode #279

This week on the show, The Disney Crush heads over to Walt Disney World for the AP preview of Tron. Toni-Ann finally gets to ride the train, we met up with some friends for breakfast at Steakhouse 71 at Disney's Contemporary Resort, and much more.

Mar 1, 2023


This week on the show Toni-Ann spends her Birthday in Disney with some of her friends and family. It was a very eventful weekend with the Princess Marathon taking place. Other highlights include: Toni-Ann saving Dave's life, Torie Hunt telling us the secret to her "Youthful Glow" at dinner, And a day in...

Feb 22, 2023

Episode #277

This week Andy Hoffman joins Dave and Toni-Ann, he shares with  us some of his favorite places in Disney to take a nap. Where else has Andy sleep in Disney? Well some of the resorts of course, find out what he thinks about crashing on some of the Couches , Murphy Beds and more, all this week on the show.