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The Disney Crush Podcast

Hello and welcome to The Disney Crush Podcast we are excited to share the joy and excitement of Walt Disney World with you every week on the podcast. 


Feb 26, 2019

Join Dave and his Family in the New Municiberg City Block in Hollywood Studios.Then next week we will dive deeper into Hollywood Studios and all the new things coming this Fall.

Thanks for all the support with the Podcast!!

Feb 20, 2019

Dave and Hanover talk about the New Hei,Hei Dole whip coming to Magic kingdom,some rumors about the new Frozen and a Genie!


Feb 20, 2019

How do you handle it when your significant other says "No More Disney For Me!"

This has happened to our own Toni-Ann and she shares with us this week how she handles this so that everyone is happy...well for the most part!!

Feb 14, 2019

The Listeners have spoken! and we find out what some of the ideas they have to add attractions restaurants and more to the parks!



Feb 12, 2019

Hanover Pyst and a new ride in Disney the Rocketeer!