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The Disney Crush Podcast

Hello and welcome to The Disney Crush Podcast we are excited to share the joy and excitement of Walt Disney World with you every week on the podcast. 


May 15, 2019

Mother's Day weekend trip report!

Both Dave and Toni-Ann go to Walt Disney World this past weekend for Mother's Day, find out all about it on this weeks show!


May 13, 2019

Dave and Hanover go over the top 20 grossing Movies of all time!

May 8, 2019

On Ep#72- Find out Toni-Ann's One-and-Done restaurants in Walt Disney World! Or in Toni-Ann's case "Three- and- Done!!"

Also The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Facebook! And more silliness on this weeks show!

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May 2, 2019

On Ep#71 Toni-Ann And Veronika take Kandy to Walt Disney World  Kandy has never been to any of the parks before, Toni-Ann And Veronika tell you about the trip and what they did to make sure that she had the most magical time ever in the parks.

Apr 24, 2019

On Ep#70-Dave and Toni-Ann tell you what their One and Done rides are in all the parks.The good The Bad And The ugly of Facebook,Toni-Ann has her dining review of the Hoop-Dee-Do Musical revue,the News and more silliness on this weeks show.

Thank you to all of you!! We appreciate you!!

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